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Inventory Managment

AAA Market Services can help your business to reduce costs and lower risk by managing your companies Market Data and Trading inventory inclusive of all products, users and the associated communication and infrastructures.

Is your company:
  • Getting the management reports to show who is using which service?
  • Fulfilling its contractual obligations to Market Data suppliers and exchanges?
  • Getting maximum value from its market data spend?
  • Using the services your company is being invoiced for?
If you have answered "No" to any of the above question please read further.

We reduce costs and lower risk for your business by maintaining tight control of your Market Data inventory inclusive of all products, users and the associated communication and infrastructure. 

Examples of our Inventory Management work include:
  • Updating and maintaining your Market Data inventory database.
  • Stratify your firm's market data user base and provide each group with only the data it needs.
  • Remove unused services and exchanges
  • Provide usage/management reports
  • Supply budgeting information 
  • Check/reconcile invoices against services 
  • Handle contract renewals, alerts and cancellations. 
Experience our AAA service, please call us today to discuss your business requirements +61 (0) 499 550 577 and help AAA Market Services help you to reduce risk, better manage your market data inventory and reduce the overall all cost of ownership.

What Makes Us Different?

Our experience, range of services and commitment to providing service and adding value to our clients bottom line differentiates us from our competition. Being a small company with specialist services AAA Market Services survival is tied to providing excellent service and value for its customers.