At AAA Market Services we have a team of professionals with more than 25 years of expertise and service in the financial markets. We compliment this with a number of partners and professionals we can call upon for specialist services.

We are committed in providing services and value. We are prepared to * invest our time in your business to help you realise your business objectives.

We can offer services more cost effectively than you may be able to do internally and get economies of scale you may not be able to obtain by internal resourcing. We are flexible in our service delivery and can customise our services for your business. We provide tailor made solutions, or services on a "no win no fee" basis, "as required", days per week, full time, contracted time or via a resource in blocks of 3 month intervals where you can mix and match the resources to your requirements.

AAA Market Services has the following Trading and Market data services that can enable your business to reduce costs, stream-line services delivery, add value to your bottom line and bring your Trading and Market Data services up to the next level:

Experience AAA Services, please call AAA Market Services today to discuss your requirements +61 0 499 550 577 and help AAA Market Services help you to reduce risk, better manage your market data inventory and reduce the overall all cost of ownership.

* we have a number of offers that provide for free consulting time

What Makes Us Different?

Our experience, range of services and commitment to providing service and adding value to our clients bottom line differentiates us from our competition. Being a small company with specialist services AAA Market Services survival is tied to providing excellent service and value for its customers.